Fude company was founded in 2004 by wife and husband team, Katie and Ferg after a bout of travelling and a career in the restaurant game. Him in the kitchen and her on the floor. Tired of working for “the man”, they set out on their own and so their journey began.

As time passed they went from delivering damn fine Sandwiches and Salads from a remote kitchen before moving to their first bricks and mortar cafe in Park West, Clondalkin. In 2011. They began to serve up Fancy Burgers, their famous thrice Fried Potatoes and Hot Chicken Sandwiches.

Folks kept coming back, they trialled Burritos on their daily specials and they proved a hit and then in 2017 a new cafe opportunity in the area became available, so guess what they did?

Yep….Fude Eile was born.


Many people say that “you are what you eat” and we like to stick to that rule.

We kinda know what they mean.

In our burritos or bowls there is a perfect mix of tasty non-processed food.

Not too much sugar or salt, with plenty of Proteins, Veg and plenty of Plants.

We use no added preservatives, no added colourings, no flavour enhancers, no thickeners and no fillers. None of these things need to be in your food.

Here in our kitchen we like to use Fresh Vegetables from the Market, Fresh Bread from the Bakers, Fresh Meats from our Butcher and nice Cheese from our Cheese Guy.

The recipes have been tried, tested, tasted and tweaked as we go.

Sure, isn’t that what cooking is all about?

The fresher the better. And the less processed the more nutritious.

Sure, we don’t even have a microwave. Tsk!


It gives us great pleasure seeing people come back again and again to both our cafes in Park West/Clondalkin to spend their hard earned cash on good quality food that they know will satisfy them.

It’s even better when we see them coming back with their friends. This really means a lot to the whole Fude Family because it means we must be doing something right.

That’s what keeps us going. That is what gets us out of bed in the morning. That is what makes putting on that apron, turning on that oven and heating up that stove worth while every morning.


That slow roasted pulled pork? We made it.

Those slow cooked beans? We slow cooked them.

That Hot Sauce? We made it.

That spicy marinaded chicken? We roasted it, chopped it and served it.

We blend our own spices to achieve the desired taste, heat, spiciness and flavour for our salsas and chillies. You won’t find any ready made spice mixes on our spice rack.

That’s right. We do it all here.

Ask who ever else you use for lunch if they do the same.



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